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The Research Group for Comparative Mythology is a non-profit Literary Society founded in Leipzig in 1995. The emphasis is on the interdisciplinary comparision of myths as well as religions, cultural history, customs, superstitions, philosophy, mythological theory and myth reception.

Myths: Dusty and Forgotten? We don't think so!

In readings, lectures and panel discussions the research group strives to make the well-known and the unknown visible, to connect the past and the present and to understand the familiar and the foreign.

The society promotes open-mindedness and tolerance, resolutely opposing all forms of manipulation and instrumentalisation of mythology as well as political and religious extremism.

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Among the members of the research group you will find authors, scientists and students who live not only in Germany but also in Austria, Denmark, China, Russia, France, USA, Ireland and Chile.

The latest findings and current topics are published by our own publishing house “edition vulcanus”.

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